Who are ‘CredAble’ Organisations?

CredAbility is our quality mark.

Like the Access Card itself CredAbility was designed and developed by Nimbus; with and for disabled people. It reflects what a commitment to good practice should look like when providing services to a disabled customer.  Who better to know the barriers faced when trying to access goods and services than those who live them on a daily basis.

CredAble organisations are, in our opinion, providers of choice – wherever you see an organisations CredAbility Status you know that they’re committed to quality for disabled people.

There are 3 awards from CredAbility:

credable provider logo

CredAble Provider

The CredAble Provider Mark is based on an overview of an organisations approach to disabled people and a commitment to respond to feedback which we will receive on your behalf

credable access logo

CredAble Access

The CredAble Access Mark is awarded to organisations / buildings who have had a visit from one of our specialist advisors who are prepared to give their ‘seal of approval’ to your accessibility

credable employer logo

CredAble Employer

The CredAble Employer Mark is an in depth audit of employment practices and only organisations providing good employment practices for disabled people are capable of achieving this mark.

Your Feedback

We want to put disabled customers in the driving seat.

Accreditation is time limited and renewal applications are looked at every year.  One of the main criteria of being able to maintain accreditation is dependent on a provider’s feedback from their customers.  We need to know from you how well a provider meets your needs and if there were any problems, then how well the provider resolved the situation to your satisfaction.