Welcome to the new member of the team: Craig!

Hello! Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Craig I’m a keen Photographer and Musician, I also have EDS and I am the newest member of the Access Card team at Nimbus Disability. What is EDS/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (iii) EDS, or as it’s known. EDS is a genetic disorder in […]

image of the remains of glastonbury abbey

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey becomes the latest Visitor Attraction to join the Access Card scheme, offering a free companion entry for all Card Holder with +1. Glastonbury Abbey has legendary status as the earliest Christian monastic site in Britain and by Domesday it was the wealthiest abbey in England. One of its great abbots, St Dunstan devised […]