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Access Card committed to working on Extra Costs

Independent inquiry into extra costs for disabled people

Launched in July 2014, The Extra Costs Commission has spent the last year exploring the extra costs faced by disabled people and their families.

Disabled people and their families should be able to live, learn, work and get involved in their communities without facing a financial penalty.

However, disabled people experience extra costs that manifest themselves in a number of ways. This may include paying a premium on specialised goods such as powered wheelchairs and technological equipment, or paying over the top for everyday services such as insurance and energy.

June 2015 saw the launch of the commission’s final report and a series of key recommendations and commitments to moving forwards.

A key recommendation was:

A Disability organisation should set up an affiliate scheme for disabled people to attract discounts and deals

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We are incredibly pleased to announce that we have been featured in this report a key partner in achieving this and in contributing to bringing down the levels of inequality in the cost of daily living.

Martin Austin, Managing Director of Nimbus said;

At the very beginning of the process of creating the Access Card we knew that we wanted to create something which contributed to as many aspects of equality and independent living as possible, and that using the card as a customer loyalty card was going to be a key part of achieving this.

We need to be clear; this isn’t about a charity model exercise – its about recognising that disabled people are incredibly influential in how and where people spend their money and that businesses that embrace this will do well out of it.

Disabled people look for services that can meet their needs and this is why the Access Card works in sync with CredAbility: our Quality Assurance mark.

For organisations and businesses that want to get involved they can submit any kind of special offer or incentive to the Access card directory free of charge or get an enhanced listing by signing up to CredAbility

Cllr Mazher Iqbal, Cabinet Member Public Health and Equality for Sheffield City Council said;

[Sheffield City] Council are pleased to be working in partnership with Disability Sheffield and Nimbus to support the Access Card as part of our Accessible Sheffield Project. Reducing the extra costs faced by disabled people and their families will help break down the barriers people experience when accessing community, civic life, shopping  and leisure opportunities and also recognises the importance of disabled people to our city economy.




View the full report here http://extracosts.org/