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Get your access requirements recognised at thousands of events, attractions, venues, and locations across the UK and beyond.

An Access Card depicting a man's photo ID with access icons indicating his access requirements

What is the Access Card?

The physical card acts as a photo ID that can be used to easily communicate your access requirements to events and venues, so that the venues can provide accessibility to the needs of their visitors.

It also works online with other platforms like ticketing systems, to unlock the access facilities you need.

The card shows a photo ID and translates a persons disability or impairment into symbols, effectively highlighting the barriers they face and the reasonable adjustments they might need.

The Access Card app provides you with a personalised directory of venues, with first-class accessibility information to help you plan your trips.

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What customers say

  • The Access Card has been a game-changer for me. It simplifies explaining my access needs, ensuring venues understand and accommodate without hassle. It's discreet, widely accepted, and makes my outings more enjoyable and stress-free.

    Clare, Aberdeen

  • Using the Access Card has transformed my experiences at events. It communicates my needs clearly and respectfully, leading to better support and accessibility. It's empowering to navigate spaces more confidently and comfortably.

    John, Birmingham

  • I am not disabled by my prosthetics - I'm disabled by the stairs at some venues. The Access Card enables me to quickly communicate my need for ramp or lift access, or search ahead to pick the events that are already accessible.

    Margaret, Devon

  • It's taken the worry away. I can now do things with my friends and family without having to explain medical conditions. It's just made life easier.

    Jenny, Berwick

  • The card has given me the opportunity of a lifetime being able to attend concerts I never would have been able to before. Not only helping me feel seen and heard for the first time having a hidden disability but providing me with a way to stand up for myself with people who don’t understand hidden disabilities without having to speak.

    Chelsea, Market Harborough

  • The Access Card has opened up possibilities to me which I thought I’d never be able to do again. Before my difficulties, I loved to visit theme parks, but since the development of my mobility issues, this stopped being an option for me. Then I found out about the Access Card and so many options have opened back up to me! Thank you for the Access Card!


  • It makes quality family time possible again. My daughter can now have the same experiences as the rest of the family. The worry/anxiety she would go through with queues and crowds are much more manageable with the Access Card


  • It's changed my life for the better. I've been to countless amounts of concerts and music festivals and theatre and comedy shows and have had so much fun thank you 😊👍 The Access Card

    Kathy, Bristol

  • Having the Access Card has really helped me when I am aboard as the majority wouldn’t know what PIP is!


  • The Access Card has given us back family time. My children love theme park rides but with two children with additional needs, it became impossible for us to access the parks as the kids became too overwhelmed in the lines. So we stopped going. When I heard about Access Cards it felt too good to be true, but it has given us back that time together. So much so that we now are merlin annual pass holders and will visit more for a shorter time periods, which is perfect for my children ❤️

    Nikki, South Wales

  • It’s fantastic I can actually go somewhere and show my card, and not have endless questions to answer, thank you!

    Julie, Beaconsfield