Access Card

How it works

A man holding his Access Card to the camera, showing his photo ID and set of access icons

Designed to streamline the process of communicating your access needs, the Access Card translates your disability or impairment into easy-to-understand symbols. This section explains how you can use the card to convey your access requirements to venues and service providers, ensuring a more accessible and enjoyable experience wherever you go.

In addition to translating your needs into symbols, the Access Card serves as a recognised proof of your requirements, eliminating the need for repeated explanations at different venues. This recognition is crucial in building a more inclusive environment, as it encourages venues and service providers to be proactive in their accessibility efforts. The card not only supports your individual needs but also contributes to a broader movement towards better accessibility for all.

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The symbols

On the front of your Access Card, there are 9 spaces to display symbols used to highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need. Here's a description of each one of the symbols: