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Before you do anything…

  • Read our FAQ’s,  Guidance Notes and Privacy Policy and make sure to give full and descriptive answers about your access needs using the right sections of the form to do this (sections left blank will be assumed to be not requested)
    • These contain important information about how we process your cards.
    • If you overlook something in your application that is addressed here, correcting it after your card has been printed will be subject to a £5 reprint fee
  • If you are looking to Renew an Existing Card Please use our renewals link.
    • If you submit a fresh application we will base our decision solely on the information from the new app.
  • If you have lost your card and need a replacement use this link
  • Get any supporting evidence together
    • (if you’re applying online have scanned documents in a folder ready to upload). We also welcome good-quality digital photos.
    • (If you’re going to be posting information out ensure your name is on all papers)
  • If you’re paying by Card online have your card details ready
  • If you want to apply in any other format please get in touch with us so we can work to meet your needs

Application Form

click here to start your application £15 for 3 years
Click here to start your application £15 for 3 years