Access Card

Principality Stadium


In the heart of Cardiff, lies the Principality Stadium: a stage where titans clash, melodies soar, and 74,500 voices rise as one. Whether you crave the thundering tackles of Welsh rugby or the sound of the world's biggest music superstars such as; Beyonce, Springsteen or Taylor Swift. This iconic stadium promises an experience as diverse as the cheers that fill it.

Access Card notes

The Access Card can be used as proof of eligibility for certain events held at the Principality Stadium. This includes the Essential Companion and access to certain areas. You will have to link your Access Registration or Access Card with your Ticketmaster account for ticket purchases. This will be outlined in the ticket purchase process.

A free registration is available at this venue as an alternative to an Access Card. Please use the link below to begin your application. Please note, if you already have an Access Card, you don't need to apply again. Simply provide your name and Access Card ID number to the venue. Click here to start your registration

Access guidance