Access Card signs up Salvation Army

Salvation Army partners with Access Card scheme, opening the door for disabled people.

In what is a simple, yet potentially profound gesture, The Salvation Army has committed to making all staff in their 700 plus Corps, Community Centres and Churches aware of the Access Card scheme and commit to being an open, friendly and welcoming environment for disabled people.

The Access Card, most commonly used to access ticketed events and attractions as a way of proving access requirements is a photo ID card which carries a number of different symbols related to the type of barriers they face and the adjustments they may need.

Amongst symbols like the need for level access or an Essential Companion, one of the symbols is related to the need to quickly gain access to a toilet and The Salvation Army are committed to letting Access Cardholders with this symbol be reassured that at any point where a corp is open they can pop in and use the loo without any questions asked.

This may already be happening in many local settings but this is a formal agreement that recognises this agreement on a national scale. Everyone is welcome to use the toilet facilities at any corps whenever the buildings are open. This scheme is about offering a discrete way for disabled people and their companions to explain any requirements they may have.

“Salvation Army corps and community centres are there to serve the local community so we are pleased to take part in a scheme that could help make life that little bit easier for some local people,” said Lieut-Colonel Alan M Read, Secretary for Business Administration.

“With the decline of public toilets in our communities many people who often need to use the toilet at short notice find that their ability to get out and about is restricted. This has a negative effect on their freedom and independence and in some cases can lead to health problems when people cut down on their fluids.

“By partnering with the Access Card we are hoping to give people in the communities we serve the confidence to get out and about without the fear of being caught short.”

Martin Austin, Managing Director of Nimbus Disability, the Company behind the card says 

“Having an organisation of this scale with such a high street presence being so open about offering this kind of support will give disabled people that extra bit of confidence to be able to goi about their normal day to day business. We’re thrilled to be able to welcome them to the scheme”

“Cardholders will be able to find their closest Salvation Army using our interactive map at or by browsing our directory by location under the Care and Support Category”

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