Access Card welcomes New ‘Named and Famed’ Provider: Louvre Museum

Plan a memorable day out and visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, once of the main residences of French Royalty! We are delighted to add the museum to our list of Access Card ‘Named and Famed’ venues.

An Access Card Holder said:

“I used my card today at the Louvre Museum in Paris got myself and a carer in for free , was an amazing place to visit”

You are about to enter the Louvre, the world’s largest and most-visited museum, drawing nearly 10 million people each year. It is a museum dedicated to education, with the primary mission to preserve and pass on our heritage to future generations.

To help you make the most of your visit, while respecting the collections and other visitors, we invite you to discover what the Louvre is all about and how you can help us preserve the collections it houses.

Enjoy your visit!

“Named & Famed! This venue has been highlighted by feedback from a current Access Card Holder who used their card to gain access or a discount. Information provided in this listing comes from the card holder and also is sourced directly from for the venues publicly available information. This is not a guarantee of any set service or policy this organisation might have.”

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