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Alton Towers Reopens 2021!

The well-loved attraction will open its doors to the public in April this year.

We are so excited to hear that Alton Towers will be reopening its gates for a season full of entertainment, thrills & joy in April this year. The news has already brought music to many people’s ears, as it’s a chance for us all to simply go out and have fun!

Whilst the theme park and self-contained accommodation won’t open until 12th April 2021, the Alton Towers Gardens will be open every day from 29th March – 11th April 2021.*

The Forbidden Valley will no longer be forbidden, the Gardens will begin to bloom again & children will be able to rejoin their favourite characters to play and explore the different rides and attractions at Cbeebies Land

Alton Towers’ ‘Oblivion’ is just one of the many rides that will reopen with the theme park.

And it’s not just the rides and attractions that we’re looking forward to revisiting.

Access Card Holders with the appropriate symbols can use their Access Cards to apply for a Ride Access Pass and or free companion tickets for all Merlin Entertainments’ attractions, including Alton Towers.

What is a Ride Access Pass?

“A Ride Access Pass is a virtual queuing system designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who do not understand the concept of queuing, have a physical disability that prevents them standing for extended periods of time or permanently non-ambulant guests.”

For details on how to apply for a Ride Access Pass** with Alton Towers, please click here.

Apply for your Access Card today!

*This information was taken from Alton Towers’ official website at the time of publishing and may be subject to change. Please refer to Alton Towers’ official website for up-to-date information & announcements.

**The Access Card is not a prerequisite for obtaining a Ride Access Pass and other reasonable adjustments.. Visitors can apply directly to Merlin Entertainment to be processed within their internal registration scheme.

The Access Card is an alternative form of documentation used to communicate a disabled person’s access requirements. With an Access Card, disabled people are able to communicate their access requirements in a more simplified and discrete way, removing the need to present personal or sensitive documentation when visiting over 1,000 different venues and attractions across the UK and beyond.