screenshot of the card validator entry point

Booking Tickets: How it works

We thought we’d give you a little insight into what happens when you book tickets with your Access Card at the moment and how it improves you visit with the organisations that are on board, and a sneak peak of where we go from here


The first thing is that, as you know, the card replaces the need to send in any more evidence.

This is what the venues see when you give them your card number.

screenshot of the card validator entry point
The first screen literally only has the option to enter your name and number


The only way the system will produce any results is if your forename, surname and card number match up – without it the card will show as invalid. Once you give your permission for them to find your card this is what they have access to:

screen shot detailed a screen based version of  an Access Card: in this case Darth Vaders
On this screen the person taking your booking will see a valid card – that’s the evidencing bit done!



The rest is all about having a conversation about how they can best meet your needs. Theres also a section that’s private to that orgnisation about any specific needs you have with that venue – it might be extra legroom, an end of aisle seat or wheelchair accessible facilities. You can flesh this out with them so that you both know exactly what might be needed to make your visit a great experience!

Where next

There are two big areas for us to go next: Online Ticketing and Discounts

Online Sales

We’re having some very promising conversations with the UK’s leading Ticketing Agencies and software developers about how to integrate your Access Card into point of purchase sales and giving the opportunity to bring the ability to book online to the mainstream.

sneak peek of some online sales development
Sneek peek from a recent technical development meeting


Discounts and Offers

We want the card to do more for you and are putting a call out to retailers in all industries of all shapes and sizes to share offers and discounts with you, our Card Holders

Get a card
Get and Access card



get your business involved
Get your business involved by accepting the Access Card