Bye to Jules

Many of you out there, providers and Card Holders alike will have come to know Jules and of her involvement in CredAbility. Jules came to us to help develop the foundations from which all work on the quality assurance side of CredAbility is delivered – her experience as an advisor on Social Enterprise has been invaluable to many of the providers who have been through the scheme.
 jules and sherrif
Now that she has got the back bone of CredAbility water tight its time for Jules to get back to what she knows and loves best – working with burgeoning Social Enterprises as she moves to Nottingham CVS.
Martin had this to say about Jules;
“Jules involvement with Nimbus and CredAbility goes back much longer that people might realise.
I started Nimbus at the age of 26 and have to be honest didn’t know what i was doing in terms of company structures and constitutions etc. Thats when i approached Jules for help. It was only a matter of time before our paths crossed again and i had the pleasure of working directly and substantially with her. There will be many organisations out there that will benefit from Jules experience in her new role and I wish them all well”
Jules’ farewell;
“I feel truly blessed and humbled to have been part of helping to get CredAbility off the ground and into such a solid position to go forward.  Truly exciting times ahead and I will be watching the growth with great interest and pride.  One of the most interesting aspects of CredAbility, for me, has been the interaction I have had with all of the wonderful CredAble Providers; thank you so much for the commitment you show in bringing quality services to your disabled customers
We’re sure you’ll all join us in wishing Jules the best of luck and in thanking her for being a part of this amazing journey!