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Celebrate Christmas at Chessington

Chessington’s Winter’s Tail will run from 5th December 2020 – 4th January 2021

Chessington World of Adventures,

Began spreading Christmas cheer,

To make their magical celebration,

The highlight of the year.

Father Christmas was busy,

Preparing his sleigh,

For the children at Chessington, 

To meet him the next day.

The elves were busy sorting, 

Each gift and each toy,

To give to the children,

To spread happiness and joy.

Mrs Claus was in the kitchen,

Preparing hot drinks and bakes,

And making sure that the elves,

Didn’t steal anymore cakes.

And the Chessington Staff,

Were busy polishing the gate,

To invite you into their Christmas extravaganza,

Which was sure to be great!

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