Check out, easyTravelseat, the company that makes flying easier and more accessible!

We are thrilled to add easyTravelseat to our growing list of Access Card Providers.

“Here at easyTravelseat we understand flying has many barriers for PRMs (people with reduced mobility) ranging from sensory to physical impairments. It is estimated 1.35 million PRM requests were submitted to UK airports in 2018, with 6-8% of these being WCHC requests (requests where wheelchair passengers needed physical support to access their cabin seat). easyTravelseat founded by Josh Wintersgill who suffers with Spinal Muscular Atrophy has invented an in-situ transfer seat to improve the current process of transferring on and off the aircraft, ensuring passenger safety, dignity and comfort comes first – after all passenger safety in air travel is the most important aspect?”

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