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Covid 19 and a temporary change in pricing structure

Access Card applications, including renewals to be dropped to £5 for a 1-year card or £10 for a 3-year card until 31st May 2020

(See below for unlock codes)

We are all obviously going through a very strange and uncertain time at the moment, with our focus being on keeping ourselves and those close to us safe and well. Many of us are in at-risk groups ourselves and we need to balance that with having older relations and school closures.

We have spent the last couple of weeks waiting for the initial shock to die down and work out what we can do to help disabled people and Carers throughout this period.

The team have been working hard to keep everyone up-to-date with as much information about the virus as well as offer our services to businesses that need to be able to recognise the needs of disabled people.

Martin says:

“Over the past few days, with all of the uncertainty around disabled people accessing shops, we’ve seen just how important a tool like the Access Card is for people.

“Throughout this period we’re prepared to take a hit to give as many people the opportunity to get one. As a user-led social enterprise we are committed to doing everything we can for disabled people at a time like this – working hard to continue to increase the recognition of the Access Card throughout the UK and beyond.

“The more important message I have is one of optimism for the future – there will be an end to this worry and uncertainty and hopefully, an Access Card combined with the information on our directory will give people the opportunity to plan a treat for when this is all over and done with.

Theatres will reopen, amusements parks will be back with a vengeance, a new football season will be here in no time and Glastonbury and the festival scene next year will be wild!

Martin Austin MBE, Managing Director of Nimbus

Useful Resources

We want to wish you all well in the coming weeks and take the opportunity to share some potentially useful resources

Surviving Isolation – A Guest Blog from an Access Card holder

Coronavirus Financial Help & Rights

Looking after your Mental Health during the Coronavirus outbreak

Covid-19: Impairment specific advice and support

There will be regular updates as we find them on this page as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

To help give you something to look forward to we’re temporarily changing the price of the Access Card:

  • From £15 for 3 years to either;
    • £5 for a 1-year card or (Unlock code 1for5)
    • £10 for a 3-year card (Unlock code 3for10)

This will include existing cardholders renewing their card if it is within 2 months of its expiry date.

How to access the new price rates

Put your time in self-isolation to good use; apply for the card, browse our providers and work out how you’re going to treat yourself when we’re back on the streets!

Unlock Codes

Enter in the promotional code section at the end of the form to unlock the temporary price types

1 year Card for £5 1for5

3 year Card for £10 3for10

Carer Card

We are also extending the scope of our Carer Card scheme and we are offering a new charge for £5 for one year, and also temporarily opening this up to paid carers if they’re employed by you directly as a disabled person.

Stay safe

All the best,

The Access Card Team

A photo of the team behind the access card scheme
The Access Card team, Left to Right; Greg, Ellie, Carys, Martin, Mark and Steve