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Disabled people in Derby to benefit directly from thousands raised by international Access Card

Nimbus, the Derby-based company behind an Access Card used by disabled people across the world, has donated £60,000 to Disability Direct.

The money will go towards funding Disability Direct’s advice centre at Babington Lane.

Nimbus was set up by Disability Direct to focus on improving access for disabled people to entertainment venues.

Its bespoke Access Card is used by more than 40,000 people at venues as diverse as Buckingham Palace and Alton Towers Resort.

As well as the Access Card, Nimbus also generates income from a range of services to help businesses improve their ability to meet disabled customers’ needs.

As part of its set-up, some of its profits are put back into Disability Direct which facilitates independent living opportunities for disabled people in Derby and beyond.

The Access Card is a universal proof of access requirements scheme recognised by thousands of venues across the UK and beyond.

Amo Raju, Disability Direct’s Chief Executive said:

“We are delighted that we will be able to invest this money directly into our Babington Lane office which provides help and support for disabled people in the community,

“We are proud to have been behind the creation of Nimbus and to see its success which, mean we can assign capital to projects which may otherwise close.

“Our Welfare Rights and Community Cares services are typical examples of income used in this way. 

“Well done to all the team at Nimbus!”

Martin Austin MBE, Managing Director of Nimbus Disability & Creator of The Access Card Scheme said: 

“Nimbus would not be what it is without the founding principles of the charity which have been driven forward by Amo and their board of trustees: we work completely on the social model of disability, the current legal framework and place the emphasis on independence, choice and control.

“DD saw a real opportunity to invest in the development of Nimbus and The Access Card and now it is just amazing after the years of growth and development that we can give back and fund the projects that are most needed, such as the welfare rights service I was lucky enough to have developed whilst working for the charity prior to launching Nimbus.”

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Another beneficiary of the money raised by Nimbus Disability this year was The Richard Whitehead Foundation, of which Martin is a founding member and the current chair. 

“Nimbus provided The Richard Whitehead Foundation with essential start-up funding support. We are so grateful for their financial and value in kind support that have enabled us to have such a positive start. 

“We look forward to working with Nimbus in years to come enabling us to support more disabled people by breaking down their barriers to participation and life goals through movement”

Rebecca Gibson, The Richard Whitehead -Foundation Programme Manager

Steve Rigby, Chair of Nimbus said:

 “I could not be prouder to sign off these cheques – we’re not in this to make a profit for ourselves, so to see it being distributed to underfunded but oversubscribed projects means we’re continuing our mission of facilitating independent living.”