close up of disabled person wearing their card

Download Festival 2015

This year the Access Card returned home and complete a full circle journey. The Download Festival is where the concept of the Access Card first took shape and 2 years later we were invited back to promote it directly to the hundreds of disabled customers on site.

access card info stand on site at download
The information stand we had in the campsite this year



We were also invited into the Press area to do some some publicity shots with the bands which yielded some great shots: see below, but much more important for us was the real work we did whilst on site, and this is what makes the Download team so awesome.

The team from Nimbus and Live Nation work together right throughout the year and one of the things that was on our hit list this year was to bring access statements into the 21st Century. This is year we mapped about 90% of the festival in glorious GoPro – giving a disabled persons Point of View of the monster that is Download.

We’re now in the process of editing this down into manageable chunks so that customers are able to have a really good insight into what access is like on site – wet and dry!

We already have several more venues signed up to do the same so its going to be a busy year!