Focus on… Inspirative Arts

When we first met Sarah and Tracey it was apparent that they weren’t your average young women looking for advice about how to find new customers for their fledgling business. I say not ‘average’ because their prime focus wasn’t making a pile of cash so they could retire early off into the sunset. What was really coming across in that meeting was how passionate they were about running a business which would help people of all abilities to improve their lives.

What struck me was that even though Inspirative Arts isn’t structured as a social enterprise, it is still a business that would be able to generate a high degree of positive social impact. This impact will be not only felt by the individuals accessing the various workshops and services but by their extended circles such as families, friends and professionals with whom they have contact. Even though their unique offer of Creative Expressive Therapy can be applied in a range of settings it is probably their work with Learning Disabled adults that is creating the most noticeable differences to people’s lives.

image of the insparative arts team