Glas-Denbury returns in 2018 and jumps onboard with the Access Card.

Glas-Denbury Festival returns in 2018, for it’s bespoke festival located in picturesque Devonshire.

Glas-Denbury was born in 2013, after a music fundraising event for the local school in Denbury the year before, this locally sourced festival was created by a one woman team who knew exactly what kind of festival the local area needed, created for everyone; Glas-Denbury showcases the incredible talent the South West produces in everything from the arts; Music, Poetry, Entertainment, to the food, crafts, capability of people and so much more, this festival is a “platform for passion” and gives opportunity to as many people, organisations and companies across the south as possible.

As a one day festival Glasdenbury brings together a collection of exceptional artists to give audiences a taste of the very best folk music around in a reasonably short space of time.

The festival has a really relaxed atmosphere – a happy mixture of local village fete themes and the full on festival experience, the festival also has a wide range of creative craftspeople, inspiring workshop leaders and culinary wizards for enriching the festival experience.

The dedicated food stallholders who bring the festival site alive with colour, creativity and imagination, showing the difference it makes when care and passion drive the making of delicious dishes or the crafting of handmade foods.

The festival is committed to bringing a wide collection of music genres from acoustic driven rock & roll to Chap-Hop, delicate heart felt music to “rowdy” jump jive bands. Find stages with full on Disco beats from the 70s, 80s and 90s to others with cerebral vocals, tricksy horn licks with huge synths and earthy rhythms. Or perhaps off beat vibes made for moving the feet or ska, dub and swing.

Music line-ups for previous years include: The Electric Swing Circus, The Simmertones, Henri Herbert, The Ruse and many more the wide range of styles make for an amazing mix of folk, jazz and acoustic songwriting, ideal for families and children alike.

(Some of the previous year artists)

0003300970_10 simmertones_red_1 hh-by-alex-dunlop-start-of-gig--700x392 The Ruse 06

The festival spread over two days can make for a more convenient festival experience for families in particular, and so, on top of the many other activities onsite there is also a dedicated family area which includes a wide range of family friendly entertainment including storytellers, circus performers, wand makers, knot makers, artists, bush craft folk and archers to name but a few.

Glas-Denbury is located in the Teignbridge district of Devon, England. The village is situated between Totnes and Newton Abbot, approximately ten miles from Torquay.

From the intimacy of the Acorn Stage to the open air festival buzz of the Main Stage, the festival aims to make the event as accessible as possible, due to the size of the festival and natural slope, viewing platforms are not available however there is a large screen for guests to get a close up view of the acts, guests are recommended to accommodate their own seating arrangements,

Glas-Denbury is held in an open air grass arena. There is a tarmac road leading from the disabled parking area down the side of the auditorium giving easy access for wheelchairs down the length of the arena.

Food and drink at the festival include some of the leading stalls from vendors including vegan and gluten free stalls, that cater for all dietary requirements, the selection changes from year to year but with a wide range of bespoke eateries and snack bars and also leading breweries serving the latest ales and beers, there is no shortage of places to eat and drink.

Glas-Denbury is continously striving to develop to ensure that the grounds are as accessible as possible, the grounds have a designated accessible parking near to the arena entrance, accessible toilet facilities and changing facilities in both the arena and campsites, on site stewards can offer assistance and transport between the campsite and arena, there are also interpreters on site who work alongside some music artists and are on hand should any guests need assistance.

The festival offers complimentary PA/carer tickets bookable through the Glas-Denbury office, please email with your Access Card information to


Tickets for next year’s event are available now, to find out more about the festival please visit their website below, Access Cardholders can use their card for a free companion/PA ticket when booking.

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