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Hāpai Access Card given National TV Coverage

The Hāpai Access Card was broadcast live to millions of people in New Zealand earlier this week.

Following the growing recognition and success of The Hāpai Access Card, after its official launch earlier this month, both The Hāpai Foundation & The CredAbility Access Card Team were delighted to see the Hāpai Access Card appear on live TV in New Zealand on 22nd November 2020.

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Reported by Maddy Lloyd, for TVNZ, the report highlighted the significance of the Hāpai Access Card for both disabled people and businesses in New Zealand. The Hāpai Access Card will help disabled people in New Zealand to communicate their access requirements in a more discrete way. The scheme will also help businesses to understand and recognise the different access requirements that people may have and how they can, as a business, accommodate for these access requirements, where possible.

Rachel Mullins, a Hāpai Access Card Holder, said:

It’s all about building relationships with people and getting them to understand the barriers that exist that they may not have thought about.

Watch the full news report here.

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In addition to the live news coverage, The Hāpai Access Card has also been recognised by The Christchurch City Council, who have announced their official partnership with The Hāpai Foundation and The Hāpai Access Card.

The council will work with The Hāpai Foundation to help promote the scheme to businesses, who, if registered to accept The Hāpai Access Card, will receive training from the Hāpai Foundation on how to improve the customer experience for disabled people.

“The Hāpai Access Card is unlike anything that currently exists in our country to support people with disabilities. What this card will provide for Kiwis who struggle with barriers is opportunity, inclusion and access in a way that respects them as valued members of our community.”

Hāpai Foundation Chairman Bob Shearing.

The Hāpai Access Card will take over from the KiwiAble Card, and holders of the KiwiAble Card will now be transitioned over to the Hāpai Access Card.

The full article can be found here.

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