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Hippodrome Casino makes further advancements to improve access for disabled visitors

Hippodrome Casino London, the venue that hosts iconic events including the spectacular Magic Mike Live has made advancements to its Access Scheme to further improve access for disabled visitors.

Disabled guests’ bookings are currently facilitated by Nimbus Disability through an existing Access Card.

Staff at the venue have also been put through Nimbus Disability’s Equality Training to further improve access for disabled visitors. The training covers a range of topics including Awareness of legislation relating to disabled people including The Equality Act and Understanding how to improve access for disabled people – and why.

What is the Access Card?

The Access Card is a unique proof of access requirements card that helps disabled people to communicate their access needs quickly and effectively with venues via the use of symbols relating to their different access needs. This allows venues to promptly address those access needs and deliver the best customer experience possible and provide that much-needed reassurance that the individual’s access needs will be met.

Hippodrome Casino London will now be introducing faster entry to the venue to Access Card Holders. For more information, please contact the venue directly.

a sample image of an Access Card with symbols which denote the access requirements a disabled person has

The Access Card Team is delighted to see further advancements being made to improve the accessibility of venues and events for disabled people and to improve the overall visitor experience.

Hippodrome Casino London is just 1 of over fifteen hundred venues/events that recognise the Access Card.

Take a look at our expanding directory and apply for your Access Card today!