image of people risding the popular nemesis roller coaster at alton towers

How to: Link your Access Card / Ride Access Pass Registration Number to Merlin Entertainment

It is now possible to link your Access Card or Ride Access Pass registration number to obtain a Ride Access Pass at Merlin Attractions across the UK. This currently includes Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventure, and Legoland Windsor.

Ride Access passes are only for those that qualify for avoiding queues and as such are limited to cardholders who have the Standing and Queueing and Level Access symbols.

What is an Access Card V a Ride Access Pass

Check out this really useful post on The facebook group Merlin Annual Passholders Additional Needs Discussion Group.

The important thing to remember is that your Access Card is NOT a Ride Access Pass – but you can use your Access Card to unlock a RAP using the guidance below

Know your disability passes…..

1. A Merlin photo rap ID card that was issued prior to 16/08/2022. It is valid until the expiry date printed on it. There is no need for you to do anything other than use it until the pass expires.

2. A Merlin photo rap ID card that was issued from 16/08/2022. This is the new style rap card. It is free and should be issued for 3 years.

3. An Access Card. This is not a rap card. It is a card that you can choose to apply for as part of your rap application and costs £15 for three years. If it has the queuing or wheelchair symbol on it it can be used to get a Merlin photo rap ID card on application.

How to…

To link your card or registration number simply visit and enter your card details.

Check what you’re entering

It’s really important to add your details EXACTLY as they appear on your card and to make sure there are no spaces after your name. You also need to make sure that the Access Card number is JUST a number – if you have an older card with letters on it ignore the prefix ie #V1234 is just 1234

For registration number holders please ensure you enter your registration number received in your confirmation email and the first and surname of the registration holder EXACTLY as they appear in your confirmation email.

Once linked you’ll be asked a couple more questions and your RAP will be available to collect when you visit and valid for the duration of your Access Card or RAP registration!

Happy riding!!