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International Epilepsy Day: 8th February 2021

“There are over half a million people with epilepsy in the UK, so around 1 in 100 people.” – Epilepsy Society

Today is International Epilepsy Day; a day in which people come together to raise awareness of Epilepsy and share their experiences of living with the condition.

What is Epilepsy?

“Epilepsy is a common condition that affects the brain and causes frequent seizures. Seizures are bursts of electrical activity in the brain that temporarily affect how it works. They can cause a wide range of symptoms.” – The NHS

Our Marketing Assistant, Carys, has Focal Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and can experience clusters of focal seizures on a monthly basis. 

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“Whilst I was only diagnosed with the condition in February 2020, I have been having focal seizures from a very young age, following multiple brain surgeries, but like a lot of people, I found it hard to describe my symptoms to doctors. I think that International Epilepsy Day is very important, especially during a global pandemic, because changes to daily routine and lifestyle can have a significant effect on people living with Epilepsy, and we should be there to offer support where we can. This support may be in the form of collecting medication, or just simply having a chat.”

The Access Card Team’s Marketing Assistant, Carys

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Advice and support during this pandemic can be found here.