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Introducing Blue Assist

BlueAssist is a very simple system that really works. Many people when they are out and about and find they have a problem ask for help from those around them.

But if you have a difficulty communicating this may not be something you can easily do. Other people may not be able to understand what you are asking for, or may think you are being rude and may even try to ignore you because they don’t know how to help. Not sure if it is for you? check out ‘Who can use it’?

With BlueAssist we provide a simple system that allows you to ask for help, to ask for something in a shop, to tell someone what you need.

The system is based on a disitinctive logo –

images/223/BlueAssits 2.jpg


The man with the question mark head means you need to ask for help, need something or want to tell somebody something that you cannot say yourself.

BlueAssist is all about asking ordinary people, and the really good thing is once they have read the message they are normally keen to help. Everyone wins with BlueAssist.

But BlueAssist is about a message so you need to put this onto a special BlueAssist Card or onto a Smart phone application (find out more in the Get BlueAssist page). You , or someone you trust can write this question before you go out, or while out if things change. Your message will then look like this:

images/300/2014-08-29 16.28.31.jpg      images/300/sq_Asking for the swimming pool phone (2).jpg

You may have seen that the cards and the phone have small pictures in the bottom corner. That is to help you remember what is written if you cannot read the words easily and are carrying more than one card. You can use as many as you need.

BlueAssist on the phone has another trick, you can fix an emergency number to the message so if you are out and get into difficulties you can call back to your family or coach and get help.


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