Payroll Service Hits 9/10 Customer satisfaction

We have just completed an independent* client satisfaction survey for CredAble Provider DD Payroll Services.

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DD Payroll services provides a range of Payroll solutions for disabled people who employ their own personal support, typically those in receipt of a Direct Payment or a Personal Budget.

The survey returned some great satisfaction rates, illustrated easily by the headline figure of 9/10. Customers were asked to rate their overall satisfaction of the Payroll company on a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is Awful and 10 is Brilliant. The average score of all customers that replied was dead on 9 out of 10.

Other headline rates included:

  • 60% of clients have been using the service for more than 3 years
  • 74% found DD Payroll Very Good at processing payments on time (19% Good)
  • 59% Rated their ability to make contact with Payroll Very Good (26% Good)
  • 59% found Payroll Very Good at responding to feedback / enquires (24% Good)
  • 67% rated their accuracy as Very Good (19% Good)
  • 73% rated politeness of staff Very Good (17% Good)
  • 87% of client would definitely recommend DD Payroll Services to a friend (8% Would consider it)


We also collected comments from customers and received feedback such as:

“A very positive experience, especially after the disaster of my first payroll provider – Thank you for doing a great job”

“I am very pleased with DD Payroll because when I started I did not understand and I feel they take away all the pressure of paying carers and make you feel like you’re doing a good job.”

“Always good, prompt service. All call backs made on time! Good service keep it up! Thank you”

“They give me excellent service. I ring or leave a voicemail for them with the hours of my daughters P.A work and they always text me back the next day with the payment I have to pay. If I ring for advice they are very helpful and I trust them”

“DD Payroll were very informative when we first started with them. As our monies are paid through local authority details were quite complex. They answered all our questions and re-assured us.”


The survey is still open and, as CredAble Providers, DD Payroll has made a commitment to be open to all customer feedback and use this to shape and improve their business through comments and suggestions made by customers.


*DD Payroll Services and CredAbility are both organisations related to Charity Disability Direct. The satisfaction survey was conducted with complete professionalism and treated as a fully independent exercise. No client data was shared between the two organisations and no input in the feedback mechanism was had by DD Payroll or Disability Direct Staff.

The above results are based on 100% of all feedback received to date