Sheffield Arena heads to the skies with a new partnership with FlyDSA!

Sheffield Arena has announced a new partnership with Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which will see the arena take to the skies with its new name, the FlyDSA Arena.

The name change is set to be in use for the initial three year deal agreed by the arena and Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), which has seen DSA take over as investor for the arena and also as a change of branding.

Despite the name change Access Card holders will still be able to use their cards to streamline bookings at the show and the venue retains its status as having CredAble Access.
As well as the new name, the deal will see the two organisations work together to promote the airport, the arena, and the wider Sheffield region and hopefully will increase the wider appeal of the Sheffield area as a commuter and tourist hub for live entertainment and performances.

The Arena has hosted some amazing events since it’s opening in 1991, From the likes of Cybermen marching through the audience at Doctor Who The Live Tour; 20 life-sized dinosaurs the largest of which the Brachiosaurus, was 36 feet tall and 56 feet from nose to tail and weighing in at 1.6 tons roaming the Arena floor in Walking With Dinosaurs; Seeing the Arena transformed into Gotham City for Batman Live; and also one of the most watched operatic productions in the World Madam Butterfly saw the entire production staged on walkways which crisscrossed a Japanese water garden covering the whole 100 meters of the arena floor.

Live music has been the main selling point of the arena with bands like Oasis who played their first ever Arena gig at the FlyDSA Arena in April 1995. They not only debuted the ‘What’s The Story, Morning Glory?’ on stage that night, but Noel Gallagher started writing the song the night before and finished it off in the dressing room then played it on stage for the first time in Sheffield.

The FlyDSA arena will continue to offer the same great accessibility and eligibility for Access Cardholders, so current guests don’t need to do anything, simply take your card to the Box office or mention your card when booking tickets over the phone.

The Access card is still available to those living in Sheffield at the same discounted rate of just £10 for three years, thanks to funding from Sheffield City Council when the application is completed through Disability Sheffield.

For details about upcoming events and shows at FlyDSA arena make sure to follow them on social media or visit the new website below.


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