university and chronic illness a survival guide

University And Chronic Illness, One Year On!

Cutting The Costs of Socialising As A Disabled Student

Back in March last year, Pippa Stacey, an Access Card Holder, published her debut novel: University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide.

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“University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide is a chatty and informative non-fiction book, covering everything from the application process to socialising, independent living to exam arrangements, as well as what to do when things go wrong. Essentially, it’s a book of all the things I wish I’d had somebody to tell me, during my own student years.”

Pippa Stacey, Author of University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide

Since it’s initial release, the book has received great support from the Chronic Illness Community and many students have also shown their appreciation for the book.

In addition, Stacey has also introduced a ‘Pay It Forward’ Scheme, whereby if people want to support this initiative but they don’t need a copy of the book themselves, they can purchase one through Stacey’s website and a book will be donated to a deserving school, college or library where there are students who can benefit from it.

For more information about the book’s initial launch, please click here.