Junkyard Golf, Manchester


"Step into our junk-filled weird wonderland for a unique crazy golf experience complete with crazy cocktails, sick tunes, and our own brand of bad puns. All Junkyard Golf Club courses are created from pre-loved items, random shizzle, and weird junk. The Manchester yard has three insane 9-hole crazy golf courses to twist your melon, each with a different theme of bizarre holes for groups to putt their way through. The spiritual hometown of Junkyard Golf Club, Manchester is where it all began with our pop-up courses. Crazy Golf Just Got Epic! Pick up a crazy cocktail, and some delicious junk food as you make your way through junk-filled courses!"
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Junkyard Golf, Manchester 2 First St, Manchester, North West, M15 4RP

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
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Free entry for a non-golfing companion.