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Doge's Palace


"A masterpiece of Gothic art, the Palazzo Ducale in Veniceit is structured in a grandiose stratification of constructive and ornamental elements: from the ancient foundations to the three-fifteenth-century structure of the whole, to the conspicuous Renaissance inserts, to the sumptuous mannerist signs. It consists of three large buildings that have incorporated and unified previous constructions: the wing towards the San Marco Basin (which contains the Sala del Maggior Consiglio) and which is the oldest, rebuilt starting from 1340; the wing towards the Piazza (formerly Palazzo di Giustizia) with the Sala dello Scrutinio, whose realization in its present form starts from 1424; on the opposite side, the Renaissance wing, with the residence of the Doge and many offices of the government, rebuilt between 1483 and 1565."

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